September 14,2017

Good product. We bought two 1 gallon containers. The first gallon was fine, but once we de-thawed the second gallon we had issues. The egg whites were clumpy which made it difficult to drink in our protein drinks. Would buy again since tasteless, odorless, and a great source of protein but only 1 at a time.



Gino Justin Tx. August 8,2017

My son is training hard and very disciplined on his eating. Liquid Egg whites has made it way too easy for us. I only use 5 to 6oz and my son will do 6 to 8oz., depending on his day and intake. I can't stress enough to buy the pump for this too. Just remember to shake or swirl the jug before pumping. Each full pump is 1oz of egg whites and it is awesome.
Great product, we are already ordering another 2 gallons.

VL 60 October 2016.

I have had gains in size and strength by using this product. Eggs are a superior source of protein. To me, whey protein never provided much of anything except an insulin spike as soon as I took it. It is a highly processed food that is of dubious value.

I like this product and will continue to use it. The only negative aspect that I have encountered is the gas that it produces. It may be that is just my digestive system, but I let go with some horrendous rotten egg farts. I guess you could say that it is a really powerful product...


Very Versatile product that can be used in many different recipes or on it's own.

November 17, 2016

Size: 2 GallonsVerified Purchase



March 14, 2018

Size: 2 GallonsVerified Purchase


July 17, 2018

Size: 2 Half GallonsVerified Purchase


Sherry Stevens - We Owe It All To You 

"My 10 year old son has been ill most of his life. He started exhibiting extreme food allergy symptoms at 18 months old. After years of many doctors, hospital visits, allergy specialists, pediatric GI specialists, constant blood testing, even biopsy surgery on his intestine and esophagus, we have finally found that he is severely allergic to plant protein based foods. He has fatal anaphylaxis with fruits and vegetables. He vomits when he eats wheat derived products. He is severely under weight and has been diagnosed as 'Clinically Malnourished". He can have meats, eggs, cheese, and milk. This can get extremely difficult while trying to plan daily meals for a child. It has been quite a ride! 

However, since I've discovered Egg Whites International, he has been able to mix it into almost anything and he loves it. At first, I snuck it into his food, cereal, oatmeal, milk shakes, etc. Now, he's fine with it, and asks for his daily dose. We are so blessed that he can have this miracle product, as it has helped him get his protein, healthy calories, and he doesn't throw it up!!!!! 

He has worked so hard to play sports and we were worried this last year he would not be able to play, as he was so sick this year and under weight. We didn't think he'd be able to keep the weight on to play through the season. However, he's been able to keep weight and he's played this season with his local football team, the Gilbert Dawgs in Gilbert, Arizona, won state championships, and they are off to play national championships this month! 

With the help of Egg Whites International, our son has been able to lead a somewhat 'normal' life. With this amazing product he has been able to experience the joys of being a kid, sports, and athletic competition. We owe it all to you! 

- Sherry Stevens / Customer and mom

Tim Allen - The Doctor Was Astonished

"In June 2009, my son Timothy was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). At the time, he was 4 months shy of his third birthday. CF is a genetic disease that affects not only pulmonary (lung) function but in many cases, affects the bodies’ ability to absorb nutrients from food. As such, many CF patients have difficulty gaining and maintaining body weight, even though they take enzymes with meals to help them with their nutrient intake. Additionally, we learned that maintaining a healthy weight had a direct affect on the pulmonary function of CF patients. Armed with this knowledge, we were more determined than ever to make sure Timothy gained weight. In our case, Timothy’s CF doctors were recommending that he take in 2000 calories a day. 

Timothy did a fairly good job of maintaining his weight throughout the summer and fall. However, in November 2009, he became sick and lost 3 pounds in 3 days. While this does not seem like much, it was nearly 10% of his overall body weight. With the help of numerous doses of antibiotics, he was able to overcome his sickness, but was left at about 33 pounds at Christmas. Throughout January and February 2010, we gave him as much food and weight gain supplements (usually high calorie children’s shakes) as we could. During this time, he was able to gain back just one pound, leaving him at 34 pounds. 

In early March, he was hospitalized for 3 days with a respiratory infection. During this time, a friend of mine mentioned that he had begun using liquid egg whites from Egg Whites International. He thought that it might help Timothy to gain weight. I immediately bought them and began to use them the day he got home from the hospital. He typically takes in 1 to 1.5 cups per day, usually in his cereal or milk. 

After just two weeks Timothy had already gained 1.5 pounds. The doctor was truly astonished and asked us what we were doing. We were honestly able to say that the only change we had made was to introduce Egg Whites into his daily diet. The dietician was consulted and was extremely concerned about our feeding him egg whites. She stated that raw egg whites would actually keep him from absorbing nutrients. We explained to her that the product we were using was pasteurized and homogenized. However, she had to look for herself, so she went to the Egg Whites International website while we remained in the examining room. She immediately came back and said that there was no problem with us continuing to feed it to Timothy as it was completely safe, but that she did not necessarily agree with us that it was the reason for his weight gain. 

Last week, Timothy returned to the doctor for his regular quarterly checkup. We were truly astonished by his weight. During the three months that he had been eating egg whites from Egg Whites International, he gained 4 pounds - more than he gained all last year. We truly believe that his weight gain can be attributed to including egg whites in his daily diet. We have begun communicating this to others within the CF community and can only hope that others have the same great results that Timothy has seen!" 

- Tim Allen / Customer and Timothy's dad

Peter Fuzi - I have lost over 100lbs

"I have been an athlete for nearly all my life. However, a few years ago I got married, bought a house, and I simply let myself go. One year ago, I was my heaviest at 295lbs. With high cholesterol and adopting my son, I knew I had to make a change. I implemented a paleo/atkins like diet, increased my cardio, and increased my intensity in the weight room. To maintain a high protein, low carb diet, I relied heavily on Egg Whites International. 

I am proud to say that I am now down to 185lbs and it is largely due to adding pure liquid egg whites into my diet. I have lost over 100lbs. in less than one year and I am considering entering my first bodybuilding competition this year. I am passionate about athletics, the outdoors, sports nutrition, and helping others achieve their goals. People approach me all the time about my transformation and I don't hesitate to tell them about Egg Whites USA.

- Peter Fuzi / Customer

Courtney Butchard - I Went From 160 lbs - 120lbs

"My name is Courtney Butchard and I currently live in Scottsdale, AZ. Because of your product, I have become the best ME I have EVER seen, and I am not about to stop any time soon. I went from 165 lbs to 120 lbs by using liquid egg whites from Egg Whites International DAILY in just 10 months!! 

I am a figure competitor headed to Nationals later this year, and 2 weeks out from my 4th competition. I am now also a personal trainer in Scottsdale and I always recommend your product to my clients and they love it too!" 

- Courtney Butchard / Personal Trainer / Figure Competitor

Neal Lyday - Results Have Been Outstanding!

"My name is Neal Lyday. I live in Bakersfield, Ca and I am a Certified Personal Trainer. I live by your product! Many years ago I trained at a local health club part time. My wife Shelia and I were in good shape or so we thought. A few years went by and we fell into the same trap that a lot of people do... wrong eating habits, drinking with friends and a lot of weight gain. Before we knew it, we were overweight and miserable. At 240 pounds and 46 percent body fat, I was my heaviest ever. My wife reached 190 pounds with 42 percent body fat. 

Two years ago we decided to get back into shape. This is where Egg Whites International really made a difference. We were buying it at local stores and using it two to three times weekly starting out. I took classes and received my training certification through ISSA. I attended the 2008 Fitness Expo and received more information about EggWhites . Since then we have been buying it online and using it religiously. We include it in our shakes, scramble it for breakfast and even take shots when we want that extra protein. The online recipes are wonderful. There is never a time that you won't find it in our refrigerator. 

Our results have been outstanding. My weight is 160 pounds with 9.5% body fat. Shelia is now 139 pounds at 16% body fat. We are in the best shape of our life. I would hope that any personal trainer would recommend your product to their cliental. It has definately made the difference in our lives. THANK YOU!" 

- Neal Lyday / Certified Personal Fitness Trainer - Bakersfield, Ca. (661)619-3131 

UPDATE: JD, I do have to thank you and Mac. If it wasn't for Eggwhites . our faithful dog Lexi probably would have not had these last two weeks with us... Do to the bioavailability and high protein/bcaa's... It kept her strength up and was the only thing her body would digest... it allowed her to pass peacefully at my discretion... So thank you guys for a wonderful product!



Anna Foreign

I am a power lifter and personal trainer I love these liquid egg whites has improved my recovery time and I am lifting more weight now. I have turned my clients onto the liquid egg whites and they are seeing a big improvement with weight loss

Oscar Sanchez

"I have been using the liquid egg whites for the past year and my recovery time is extremely quick, I have more strength and stamina. I slept much better and have really gotten lean and muscular."

Monica Brant

"I've been using liquid Egg Whites for years now and can't stop sharing the benefits of them with others. I was able to quit buying/wasting so many eggs from the grocery story (where the checkout person ALWAYS had to comment on my egg supply) Now, I can be like a normal person and just buy the little 1/2 dozen package should I want yolks for any reason!

Egg Whites has become one of my best fridge friends... so easy to use for mixing in oats or protein shakes for some extra pure protein... as well as cooking up some nice, fluffy scrambled eggs too. I'm sure I'll be enjoying one of the BEST forms of protein known to mankind for years to come! As always, Stay fit, Love Life & God Bless you! 

XO - Monica Brant / ISSA MCPT / Olympia Fitness Champion / IFBB Pro Figure

Ronny Vilio

"Great product these liquid egg whites helped me with my abs I take them twice a day love the results"










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