Liquid Egg White Nutrition And Uses

Typically when people discuss the egg white versus whole egg debate they usually don’t have very different opinions. In fact, both egg whites and whole eggs already have their stereotypes, as whole eggs are seen as the proper choice for someone who is impartial, while egg whites are the choice of the person that is making an effort to eat healthier. In fact, the nutritional value of egg whites is often misunderstood, as they are an extremely valuable addition to specifically tailored egg white diets.

There are many considerations that must be made when comparing the nutrition and benefits of both whole eggs and egg whites, most importantly being why an individual chooses to consume whole eggs or egg whites. Below, Egg Whites USA, your source of liquid egg whites, will discuss some of the nutritional information regarding our liquid egg whites, some of the best uses for our product, and how our liquid egg whites stack up in comparison to whole eggs.  

First Off, What Is A Liquid Egg White?

As you are likely, at least hopefully, aware — an egg is made up of two parts, the egg white, and the egg yolk. Liquid egg whites are the product of removing the yolk and pasteurization.  Once the egg white is separated from the yolk and pasteurized, only the fat-free and protein-rich part of the egg remains. Here at Egg Whites USA, we pasteurize and filter our egg whites to ensure that they are safe, healthy, and delicious.

Nutrition: How Different Are They?

Yes, whole eggs and egg whites are extremely different as far as nutritional capabilities even though they come from the same product. The reasoning behind the difference in nutritional availability of egg whites and whole eggs is that whole eggs contain the nutrient-rich yellow yolk that gives eggs their trademark look.

Now you probably noticed that while we are an egg white brand that we just said that yolks are the nutrient-rich part of the egg, and we are not afraid to admit it, because the egg white itself is nutritious in a different way. While most of the vitamins and fats are found in the yolk, the majority of the protein is found in the egg white, making egg whites incredibly valuable to the person looking for pure egg white protein with no added fats.

In addition to being an excellent source of protein, liquid egg whites are also a much faster method of protein delivery than that of their whole-egg counterparts. Our liquid egg whites are 100 percent bio-available, meaning that your body can quickly and fully utilize the proteins that the liquid egg whites provide to your body. Once you have ingested the tasteless and odorless liquid egg whites, your muscle function will increase for the next four to five hours as the protein is absorbed and energy is created. Can your average whole egg do that? Yes, but not nearly as efficiently.

Are Liquid Egg Whites Safe?

When people think of liquid egg whites they usually think of them as unsafe — after all, it is an uncooked egg isn’t it? Not quite, as our Egg Whites USA products are all pasteurized in a low heat to ensure the elimination of potentially damaging bacterias.

In a raw and unpasteurized egg, there is a chance that harmful bacteria like salmonella could be present, having the potential to make you incredibly sick, as well as blocking valuable nutrients from entering your body. In order to ensure that the egg white is safe to eat, it is essential that the liquid egg whites go through the pasteurization process. While pasteurization sounds like a super high tech procedure, it is rather simple and easy to complete the procedure. In fact, you can even do it in your own home. In order for an egg white to be edible without the risk of transmitting bacteria, the egg must be warmed to 139 degrees Fahrenheit. In doing so, the egg becomes warm enough to kill the bacteria while not becoming warm enough to start cooking the egg.

Luckily, when you purchase liquid egg whites from Egg Whites USA you don't have to worry about if your liquid egg white protein is safe to consume, as it has already been pasteurized and heat treated to ensure it’s quality.

In addition to being devoid of harmful bacteria, our liquid egg whites are preservative-free. Most products that have the potential to spoil quickly are chock full of preservatives to ensure the longevity of the products shelf life. Unlike most products, our liquid egg whites do not contain preservatives but are instead 100 percent pure liquid egg whites.

Lastly, our liquid egg whites are free of all of the major allergens. Laid by all naturally fed chickens, our liquid egg whites are both Kosher approved and approved by the United States Department of Agriculture.

At Egg Whites USA we have taken all of the precautions necessary to ensure that your product is safe, healthy, and efficient in delivering a high dose of protein without any of the fats or cholesterols that usually come with it. Unlike raw egg whites, our liquid egg whites come ready to use and can be drunk or cooked without any preparation.

Why You Might Need Liquid Egg Whites

So we have gone over the nutritional value of egg whites, as well as their safety, but how do you know when liquid egg whites would be the perfect supplement to add to your diet? There are many reasons that liquid egg whites could potentially be an asset to your diet, but the odds are that regardless of your situation it is likely that the powerful protein of egg whites could benefit you one way or another. Below, we have compiled a short list of reasons why egg whites could be beneficial to your diet.

You Don’t Eat Breakfast

Everyone knows someone that always seems to skip breakfast, and if you can’t think of someone the person is probably you. People end up skipping breakfast all the time, both habitually and because of extenuating circumstances. Regardless for the reasoning behind you not eating breakfast, you aren't just missing out on the meal — you are missing out on nutrition as well.

In an effort to still get the valuable nutrients that your body needs in the morning while still not having to worry about cooking breakfast consider adding the nutritional value of egg whites to your daily routine. With liquid egg whites from Egg White USA, you can quickly cook a fluffy omelette or simply add the flavorless and tasteless egg whites to your favorite drink!

You Don’t Have Enough Protein In Your Diet

Some people simply don’t consume a healthy amount of protein on a day-to-day basis. Now, we aren't talking about people with dietary limitations like vegans and vegetarians, as often they are well versed in planning their diets to be healthy and well rounded, but we are more so talking about people that unintentionally don't eat enough protein.  

Protein deficiency can affect people in many ways ranging from loss of muscle mass to increasing appetite and caloric intake, and has the potential to be extremely damaging to your health. If you have a protein deficiency liquid egg whites are perfect for you, as they are a quick source of protein that you won't even taste or notice in your favorite beverage.

Simply pump the top of the container for a pre-measured serving of liquid egg whites and rest easy knowing that you have found a way to combat your protein deficiency without even having to change your diet.

You Want Help Bulking At The Gym

While there are many reasons that adding egg whites to your diet can prove to be beneficial, one of the most common reasons that people do it is to help them gain muscle mass in the gym. By consuming proteins, which are made up of amino acids, you are essentially providing your muscles with the building blocks of growth. One of the most common ways that people supply their body with proteins before or after a workout is with protein powders. While protein powders are extremely affecting in supplying your muscles with ample amounts of protein, they are not as effective at delivering protein than liquid egg whites.

Liquid egg whites like ours here at Egg Whites USA are made from naturally fed chickens, ensuring that they are of the highest quality. In addition to the quality of our product, our liquid egg whites are also more effective in protein delivery than traditional powders because of its incredibly high bio-availability. If you are looking to take your workouts to the next level we strongly urge you to check out out liquid egg white products!

How To Use Your New Liquid Egg Whites

Now that you have decided to use liquid egg whites from Egg Whites USA to either balance your diet or to work on building your muscle mass, it is important that you know how to consume them. While you might be thinking to yourself “They are just eggs, wouldn't I just cook them?” that couldn't be farther from the truth — although cooking them is an option.  Below, we have listed a couple of our favorite ways to incorporate the nutritional value of egg whites into your diet.

Cook Them On The Stove

While yes, this may seem counterintuitive to our last statement, it is important that we make it clear that liquid egg whites can be used as a substitute for normal eggs, with no additional accommodations needing to be made. Simply pump the egg whites into a pan and cook them like you would a whole egg.

One thing that you might notice is that the liquid egg whites will be much fluffier than whole eggs as they have been whipped into a liquid state much more efficiently than you would whip a whole egg with a fork. So treat yourself to a post-workout omelette or scrambled eggs.

Add Them To A Smoothie

A method of liquid egg white consumption that is not as commonly known as, well, simply cooking them is to put it in a smoothie or other drink. While at first you might cringe at that suggestion as you imagined the taste of eggs ruining you mango smoothie, you have no reason to fret. At Egg Whites USA we strain our liquid egg whites to get rid of the slimy texture and taste that is commonly associated with egg whites.

By mixing our tasteless liquid egg whites into your smoothie or beverage, you will be providing your body with protein without even knowing it. If you are feeling exceptionally adventurous you can even add it to your morning coffee.  

Substitute It In Any Recipe That Calls For Whole Eggs

There are countless recipes that call for whole eggs, as they are an incredibly effective binding agent. If you happen to be cooking something that calls for whole eggs our liquid egg whites will be a great addition. Another benefit of using liquid egg whites in cooking is that you can make something unhealthy, like brownies, slightly less-unhealthy.

Experience The Power Of Liquid Egg White Protein Today

At Egg Whites USA we know that liquid egg whites are an extremely beneficial health tool for multiple reasons, and we hope that now you do too. If you are interested in trying our liquid egg whites we urge you to order a bottle of them today. We offer multiple different sizes, so don’t be afraid to order one and try adding some liquid egg whites into your daily routine.

Additionally, be sure to check out some of our other products like our Sport Formula multivitamin mix. It is our hope with the utmost sincerity that our products can help you live a happier and healthier life. Contact us today for more information about our liquid egg white products.

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